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Gloria Totzke and her death warning

Z-paper-1257 by Herb Zinser reviews audio  languages and the human brain bio-computer  .... the harm component of harmonic sound waves to the EAR.










Zermelo's Axiom of Choice: Its Origins, Development, and ...
Gregory H. Moore, ‎Mathematics - 2012 - ‎Mathematics
Van Vleck, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, did not mention the Axiom directly in 1908 when he discussed sets that are not Lebesgue-measurable, but ..



Consequences of the axiom of choice - Catalog - UW ...
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Below, the Bose-Einstein statistics are back in town --->  Watertown


Bose-Einstein statistics
Bose-Einstein statistics. Let us now consider Bose-Einstein statistics. The particles in the system are assumed to be massive, so the total number of particles $N$ ...




 Thus we have some clues about some interesting puzzles of Nature and its systems.



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